Get Out of Your Own Way

What is really standing in the way of your success—whether it be a successful career, a loving relationship, or effectively managing your finances? You’ve sought out the experts, read the right books, written out your plans, and even pumped yourself up with powerful affirmations; but still, you are not moving forward.


This failure to progress is far more common than you think. People from all walks of life, various careers, and all age groups fall prey to this phenomenon. If you ever got the chance to talk privately with some of the most famous celebrities, world-class athletes, or the average worker, a great number of them would reveal that they suffer from this same state of being stuck. Why? I’m glad you asked!


Too many of us are trying to fight through debilitating personal development challenges that stop us from moving with confidence and conviction. I’m talking about self-sabotage, procrastination, fear, and their partners in crime such as lack of self-discipline, low self-esteem, and limiting beliefs. How can we really expect to reach the highest pinnacles of success when we’re dealing with these villains? With these albatrosses hanging around our necks, every day is a struggle.


What’s standing in the way of your success—or more accurately, who is? Big surprise! It’s probably YOU! It’s not the money; it’s not the economy; it’s not the other people; it’s not the weather; it’s YOU. Sure, these other things may play a factor, but whether you are successful or not has more to do with you than any of these other things. The way you think, the decisions you make, the people you allow in your life, and the way you take care of yourself determine what type of life you will experience.


It’s time to get rid of those nuisances once and for all by addressing them head on. Let’s stop trying to pretend they don’t exist in our lives. They are standing in the way of having the lives we desire and deserve. How can you put your all into pursuing your dream if you feel you don’t truly deserve it? You can’t!


Here are five steps you can take to put yourself on a sure path to healing many of the ills in your life:

  1. Take the time to examine the way you’ve lived up to this point, and be brutally honest when you ask and answer the following questions:
  • What self-defeating behaviors am I allowing in my life?
  • What habits do I need to get rid of?
  • What negative self-talk have I been listening to?
  • What are my limiting beliefs?
  • Which relationships are toxic in my life?
  1. Once you’ve answered the questions, decide what you want to see instead and write those intentions down.
  2. Brainstorm to think of ways you can change your behaviors to see what you want to see.
  3. Build a support group – two or three friends that will be honest with you, but also loving.
  4. Track the progress you’ve made, either with a chart or through journaling


Get out of your own way and do what it takes to live the life you want to live. This answer is simple, but I’m not saying it’s easy. It’s not easy to forsake destructive habits you’ve practiced for years and develop new life-affirming ones, but it is possible. If you need help, ask for it. If you need someone to walk through the process with you, I’d like to be the one to meet that need. Visit my website at for more information on programs available to help you in your journey to your best life.


Remember, you’re worth it, and you only get this one chance at life. So, make it a great one!


Blessings and Favor,


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