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It seems that for most of my life I have leaned into the role of helping others clarify what they want in their lives and helping them outline the steps to get there. I can’t say that there was one particular occurrence that led me in this direction, but rather there was an innate desire to see people do things well. The skills to do that really just came naturally for me.

I truly believe that God gives each of us specific gifts and that those gifts are to be used to serve others. My gifts are compassion, encouragement, organization and leadership. In future blogs I will go into more detail about how these gifts were developed and honed through my personal life experiences.

Looking back over my life, I eventually realized that the divine purpose for my life is to help others pursue their passions. However, it was only in the past several years that I realized there was a name for what I had been doing most of my life.

Life is truly a journey in which we have found many paths open to us – some of them have led to happiness, fulfillment, and success; others have led to disappointment, failure, and pain. The challenge is to choose the path that will take you where you will be able to grasp the rich, fulfilling life you are hoping for.

Please permit me to be transparent and admit that I have faced similar life experiences of many of you—some good, some not so good. But with God’s guidance, regardless of what I went through, I came out with a testimony of victory! Now I have the opportunity to use my gifts to propel others forward into their destiny. What an honor!

Because I believe that people have a lot more in common than we are willing to admit, I have observed that others are also struggling. Many have gotten stuck in some of the same or similar distractions, disappointments, and diversions that I experienced. This realization helped set the stage for me to pursue this new career as a Life Coach. We all want to live a full, rich, and successful life. The question is, “How do we get there?”

I’ve learned some extremely valuable life lessons, and I want to share what I learned with others. I just can’t stand around and watch people struggle when I can help, now can I? Of course not! Thus, I made the decision to find a viable way to help others get through some of the sticky parts of life and breakthrough to their dreams and aspirations. I want to walk with you toward the life you’ve envisioned. I believe that, together, we can get you there. I invite you to share your thoughts and concerns through this blog.

Why did I choose to become a Life Coach? I don’t know if I chose this path or it chose me, but I believe we are a good fit. My hope is that as you and I get better acquainted, you will think so, too!

Coach Lois


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