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APRIL 2017


As we go through life, we are continually reminded to put the wants and needs of others before our own. Not doing so sometimes causes you to be labeled as selfish.  Merriam-Webster defines “selfish” as having or showing concern only for yourself and not for the needs or feelings of other people. Being selfish has been cast in a negative light, as well it should be.

Even the definition of love involves choosing someone else over yourself. I agree with this principle; not to the extent that you don’t take care of your own needs, but a great way of showing love is when you attend to the needs of others.

However, I want to direct you to instances when you should place the emphasis on self.  I’m not talking about getting your own way to the exclusion of others. Nor am I referring to the usual instructions about taking care of your body. I’m talking about taking care of your mental and emotional wellbeing. When it comes to self-care, there are some habits and attitudes that should be eliminated and others that should be promoted.

There are times when you are too ‘self’-centered. Get rid of these destructive habits and thought patterns:

  • Self-doubt – it seems that whenever you get ready to take on a challenge, self-doubt creeps in and brings anxiety along with it. “Can I actually pull this off? What if my project is a complete failure?” or “What if they don’t like me?”
  • Self-pity – when you look around at others who seem to be flourishing, self-pity raises its ugly head. “Why can’t I seem to get it together?” or “I never get a break!”
  • Self-sabotage – your actions don’t line up with the results you are looking for. “I know I need to exercise, but I don’t feel like it right now. Missing one day won’t hurt.”

Instead of living out the negative experiences of ‘self’, intentionally take actions that will boost you towards ultimate happiness and success.

  • Self-esteem – when you accomplish a task—even a small one—you feel good about yourself
  • Self-confidence – being prepared is one of the best ways to gain self-confidence. Do your homework; be prepared.
  • Self-awareness – knowing who you really are and what you really want make it easier to set boundaries—for yourself and others
  • Self-discipline – doing what should be done, despite how you feel, will be rewarded greatly
  • Self-promotion – it’s okay to promote yourself—especially professionally. Done tastefully, this might possibly get you to the level you have been striving for.

Building yourself up through personal development can’t help but lead you down the path toward happiness and success. Take care of yourself in order to take better care of others. When you feel good about you, what you give to others will come from a place of authenticity.

Treat yourself well. You’re worth it!








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Procrastination is a bad habit that often results in regrets and disappointments, lost hope, and forsaken dreams. It’s an avoidance behavior that can cause you to pass up the opportunity to live your life fully and completely.

You keep saying that you are going to get IT done, but weeks later, you’re still in the same condition; i.e., haven’t lost weight, haven’t saved any money, have not gone back to school for that degree, late paying your bills which accrues late payment fees, haven’t completed homework assignment, work project is not finished, haven’t gone to the doctor to check out that mysterious pain. The list goes on and on.

Something’s got to change!

  • Procrastination causes you to miss out on valuable opportunities
  • Procrastination adds stress and anxiety to your life
  • Procrastination causes you to lose credibility with yourself and others

Yes, it should be simple, but you still haven’t overcome this self-imposed obstacle yet.

If you are tired of being stuck and seeing your possibilities for success pass before your eyes, 8 WAYS TO END PROCRASTINATION is  a tool that can help you  get rid of that self-sabotaging road block for good. It is just what you need to get yourself moving toward success!

  • Identify what’s holding you back
  • Create the new attitudes and mindsets about your future
  • Design a personalized strategy to end procrastination habit
  • Implement the strategy to manifest your most important personal goals, NOW!

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