My life experience in the care and guidance of Coach Lois has been phenomenal. She is such an important and vital part of me and my family’s growth. She gives many pearls of wisdom, she commits wholeheartedly in taking every step alongside me through various processes, and she is diligent in spiritual intercession. These have been the keys to unlocking my new life in which I am now happy, confident, focused, a better mother and spiritually driven. Not only is she my coach, but is also a friend who cares about helping me achieve specifically what I want instead of imposing a generalized plan.  Thank you Coach Lois!          –      Regina H.

I was at a crossroads and had a deep desire for more out of life. By the grace of God, He allowed me to cross paths with Coach Lois Jackson. With weekly coaching regarding my plans and goals, I have been able to attain the desires that were in my heart. Coach Lois was able to help me strategize to make the necessary steps towards success. Through her coaching I was able to learn lessons that have brought me to where I am and will take me to where I’m going.      –    Rachel L.  

Thank you for the coaching session today. I now see why there’s a great need for Life Coaches. It is a great motivator and help. You are compassionate, yet firm and thorough. I pray exceeding, abundant blessings for you and your business.                –      Janice B. 

 Thanks for holding such a wonderful workshop — I look at my vision board every morning when I wake up.       –   Shaun C.

Your workshop was professional, spiritual, social, promoted self-awareness and reflection, motivating, and fun.    –    Ellen R.

In your Vision Board Workshop, I most enjoyed the atmosphere set by the music, along with the Facilitator’s voice, and the questions that were asked. The question that got me was, “If money was not an issue, what would you do?” That put it in a whole different perspective for me. I went in just wanting peace and walked out with a vision.     –    Gail R.



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